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Інтер'єр Вашого кабінету повинен стати Вашим стилем, він повинен створювати
гармонію і злагодженість Вашої команди, він повинен підкреслювати Вашу індивідуальність.

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Mid -Atlantic Dental Meeting

We invite you to visit Panmed booth - gifts and discounts are waiting for you!
May 5-7, 2017 / Walter E. Washington Convention Center, Washington DC, USA

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Panmed - Medical furniture

Life is easy with us! We feel responsible for every article we create!

We treat each person as a personality with their own priorities, preferences and taste. And yet another furniture order arranged in a dialogue with our customers and future users is viewed as a fortunate chance to create personalized ergonomic and aesthetic space charged with comfort and beauty as they are understood by the named personnel spending much of their lives at the workspace.